Wine & Dine Partners

Enjoy corkage free dining at partnering Coronado restaurants!

One of the things locals and tourists love about our wine shop is the ability to purchase a bottle at retail prices and then take the bottle to a participating Coronado restaurant and enjoy corkage free dining. This is especially popular with our Wine Club members since every bottle purchased from our store has a "Wine A Bit" sticker that waives the corkage fee.  Our most recent Wine & Dine Restaruant is the "Top of the Market" located at 750 North Harbor Drive in San Diego.  Enjoy!

Partnering restaurants include: 

Sea 180 Coastal Tavern Imperial Beach

Top of the Market San Diego

Vigilucci’s Coronado

Burger Lounge Coroando

Tent City Coronado

Coronado Brewing Company

Saiko Sushi Coronado

Primavera* Coronado

(*Note: Primavera waives ½ corkage fee)