Wine Tasting

This wine bar was designed for everyone to enjoy.

Some love it for the great social atmosphere while others appreciate the easy going wine culture and wine education the store and employees offer to wine drinkers. Wine A Bit has a wine tasting room in the back and offers wine tasting events every Thursday through Saturday evening in Coronado. In addition, wine tasting nights feature live music, and the selection of wine for each tasting changes every week, and daily on weekends.

Wine A Bit requires no prior wine education to participate at their wine tasting events and have a great time. If you are new to wine and want to learn more about what you’re drinking, Wine A Bit offers notes, lessons, and special evening deals for wine education. Bring a friend or your significant other and start learning more about your wine in a laidback, no pressure environment. Absolutely no experience is needed to go to a wine tasting here! When it gets right down to it, Patti and Dale believe it’s all about sharing excellent wine, sharing the experience, and having a great time.

And for the more experienced...

The more experienced wine drinker will also find great value in having a glass at Wine A Bit. We love comparing notes with our customers, discussing particular wineries, locations, and flavors, and swapping the best wine stories. If you’re feeling adventurous, check out Wine A Bit’s blind San Diego wine tasting events and put your palate to the test! Each week features a new assortment of flavors to challenge your wine knowledge. Customers love the themed tasting nights as well, such as “Italian Night” at the wine bar.

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